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Ample Financial Support

The annual student stipend for academic year 2016-17 is $38,200. The program charges no tuition and students have the option to be covered by comprehensive health, dental, and vision plans at the university's expense. For those with families, our on-campus Child and Family Center provides affordable group childcare for the entire community.

Students receive additional support for research-related expenses - $2,500 in the first year of study and $1,500 in year years two through five, which may be used toward the purchase of a computer, reading material or research-related supplies or for travel to attend scientific meetings.   

Students are strongly encouraged to apply for outside fellowships; these will be supplemented by the university to the current stipend level, plus $5,000 in the case of competitively awarded fellowships.

Comfortable, Convenient Housing

Live in Manhattan without Manhattan prices. Student residences are convenient, affordable, and guaranteed. All Rockefeller students receive subsidized housing from arrival through graduation, with monthly rents ranging from $640 to $1,130 per month. Accommodations include studios with kitchenettes, double and triple suites with shared kitchens and one-bedroom apartments. Like the laboratories, all on-campus student rooms have high-speed internet access.


 We provide generous professional and personal support that allows our students to take on learning, not debt.Ample Financial SupportThe annual student stipen