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Jonathan Dworkin, who earned his doctorate from Rockefeller in 1997, is an Associate Professor of Microbiology & Immunology at Columbia University.




A Clearinghouse of Opportunities

Graduate school is just the beginning. A Rockefeller education opens doors to careers in academic research and many other disciplines. At Rockefeller, Director of Career and Professional Development, Andrea Morris, helps students explore options and clarify goals. Contact Andrea at

From traditional academic appointments to jobs in biotech, pharma, business, and policy, students can use the Office of Career and Professional Development as a springboard to a number of rewarding careers. Throughout their Ph.D. training, students are encouraged to seek individual, personalized career development advice, including job search strategies, CV/resumé review, and job talk preparation.


Andrea Morris meeting with students


 "Learning to work and think independently is an extremely important part of a research education, and it's a great confidence builder when you're finished." Jonathan Dworkin, Al